LETTER FROM AFGHANISTAN ---------- Forwarded message --------- From:                              NATO RS HQ (USA)  Date: Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 4:32 AM Subject: Care packages To: Toni Seinfeld <toniseinfeld@gmail.com> Hi Toni! I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to let you know that we received a couple of boxes from you/your organization. Thank you SO much for the chips, Cheetos, pretzels, crackers, other snacks and the stock of other supplies. Chips are super hard to find out here so it was like Christmas time with everyone diving into the box to grab a snack. We are so grateful for all that you contribute.    Things out here are mass chaos, we are in a full lock down. I work on a NATO base with lots of occupants and lots of people coming and going so there is great concern that if someone brings CORONA to this base that there will be a mass breakout and the ROLE (hospital) is not equipped to handle that. So, they are sending some people home. I didn't even get to go on my R&R because ALL movement was stopped. Now, they are trying to get everybody that is not mission essential out. It could be 5 days or 1 month. If it takes too long maybe they will change their minds? It's all crazy out here. Again Thank You So Much for getting us stocked for this time frame. The boxes were helpful as we are in full lock down as well. My postal staff are working in the incinerator and janitorial, Tomorrow it will be pots and pans in the galley.  As all the local nationals are not allowed on base.It is unclear now. I will let you know when I know something.  We greatly appreciate the boxes from home!!!!    Thank you again! Sincerely,  M  CSTCA-HQ (CJ1)  DSN:  (NIPR) (CENTRIX)