From: Date: Sun, Nov 1, 2020 at 1:53 AM Subject: Troop Boxes (UNCLASSIFIED) To: <> CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED  Ms. Seinfeld (Toni), I wanted to take a moment to send you and your organization, this note of thanks and appreciation for the troop support boxes that have arrived in theater.  I speak for myself and my team of service members and civilians who deploy in support of the mission here in Afghanistan.  Your time and effort to gather and send over these troop boxes brings a touch of home to my team and others.  Mail call is a welcome respite from the long days, weeks and months away from family and friends.  I have 50+ folks in my team from the U.S. and our coalition partners around the globe whose day is a little brighter as a result of what you and others are doing to show support for us.  It doesn’t really matter what is sent in these boxes, it is the mere fact that people like you recognize the sacrifice being made by the folks who leave behind their loved ones, their children, their “normal” lives back home. Please let others know that it is something special that you are doing and people here value and appreciate it. Best regards,   J.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   Mail:   APO AE   SES-  Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan (CSTC-A)   DSN HKIA             Mobile    DSN Camp  CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED