Below is a list of the most requested items.   When we have a sizable amount of donated articles, the items are        Boxed and Shipped to our Military Units serving overseas.
Snacks such as: Nuts - any kind Pop Corn (microwaveable) Chicken or Beef  Jerky Slim Jims Dried Fruit, Licorice Peanut Butter Cookies Granola Bars Health Bars Cookies - any kind Chewing gum Potato Chips, Doritos Protein bars, Trail Mix Pumpkin Seeds Sunflower Seeds
Over the Counter Meds Dayquil,  Nyquil, Tylenol Cold Medication, Aspirin, Motrim, Zantac, Imodium, Pepcid, Ibuprofin, Allergy Relief Medications Other Items Requested by Our Troops Sun Tan Lotion, Moisturizers Chapstick, Foot Powder, Bug Spray Baby Wipes, Q-Tips, Mouthwash, Shave Cream, Razors, and Blades Comic Books, DVD’s, Magazines                         AND      Notes from children, veterans        and individuals who purchase         items that are sent to us and  wish to say ‘Hello, and Thank You’
All items donated to this worthwhile cause are deeply appreciated  and can be dropped off at one of our central NJ collection points.