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  Thanks to YOUR generosity, below is a list showing the Year,    Number of Boxes Shipped , and Total Shipping Cost sent  to our military units serving around the world, including  South Korea, Germany, Kosovo, Japan, the Middle East,  Djibouti (Africa), and many US Navy Ships at sea.
Volunteers deliver the boxes of donated items to a Post Office in NJ
Your Cash Donation Helps pay the Postage
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     Years      # of Boxes      Postage $
  Year   # of Boxes  Postage $
2017 - 2020        1,102                $46,209.02     
2021              557                $22,666.49
     The year 2023 shows shipments from Jan 1st up to 12 noon yesterday.
2022                    469            $13,343.47
2023                348           $6,704.08